World of Wonder has produced a broad range of entertainment that includes the feature film Party Monster starring Macauly Culkin and Seth Green, the feature documentary The Eyes of Tammy Faye, documentary TV specials Transgeneration, Monica in Black and White, and Movies That Shook the World, documentary TV series Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture and One Punk Under God, reality series Million Dollar Listing, Showbiz Moms and Dads, and Show Choir and webisodes Grammy's Best New Artist and Dress Quest.

World of Wonder projects have won a large collection of awards from an Emmy to a Cable Ace Award, and film festival honors from around the world. World of Wonder productions are regular premieres at the Sundance Film Festival.


World of Wonder is an international entertainment company creating groundbreaking and innovative feature and television programming from offices in Hollywood and London. Over the years, WOW has expanded its territory, becoming an internet and broadband innovator, a distributor of top flight television, talent managers, and a licensing source for television, music and archive footage.

Founded in 1991 by award winning producer/directors Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, WOW has conquered the worlds of feature film and feature documentary while creating groundbreaking documentary TV specials and reality series featured on US and UK broadcasters, including HBO, BBC, Bravo, MTV, Channel 4, VH1, ITV, Showtime, Sundance Channel, AMC, Trio, Yahoo, and Court TV.

World of Wonder continues to grow and diversify, exploring new international markets and new forms of entertainment, all while holding to a standard of quality programming and customer service unrivaled in the entertainment industry.

WOW Behind the Scenes

WOW's success in film and television has gone hand in hand with its growth into other facets of the entertainment industry. The talent management division has handled RuPaul, RCA recording artist Kristine W, author James St. James, and Britain's favorite comic twosome, Adam & Joe.

The rights division licenses programming around the world as well as managing and licensing an ever growing library of archive footage and original music created especially for World of Wonder.